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Clone Yourself Project

Clone Yourself


Compositing means to combine two or more things into one.  In this case, you'll be compositing a number of different photos together into a single photo where you or your subject will be interacting with themselves in some way.  

You will need to choose themes for each set of photos. Ones that connect all of the things that the person is doing.  Choose a setting that is appropriate and that will remain absolutely still and unaltered until you are done shooting your photos. With this in mind, be sure that you have your "set" totally setup the way that you want before you start shooting.

You are expected to use at least 8 different shots of the person doing 8 different things, you will then create final compositions from those sets of photos.  

You will not need to turn in the original photos, only your final three (or four) edited photos.   Please see the attached sheet for editing instructions. (Below)

  • You will HAVE to use a tripod or other unmoving surface to set your camera on while taking photos. 

  • All photos in a set will need to be taken at the same time, using the same exposure settings.  You will want all photos to have the same exposure

  • Use Av Mode, f/11-f/18 (this helps to keep depth of field larger, so your subjects will stay infocus).  Use a low ISO. If photos are coming out too blurry, raise the ISO up.

  • If using yourself as your subject, use the 10 second timer on the camera so that you have time to position yourself.  

  • Try not to shake or move your camera to check photos between shots.  The camera should not move until you have finished taking photos.

  • 8 figures in one photo can be a lot.  Be sure you have enough room in your photo to fit that many in!  Be careful overlapping your figures. It makes editing them harder.




Editing Steps: