John Michael Bullock



Frequently Asked Questions


What Camera do i shoot with?

I currently shoot with a Sony mirrorless system, switched from a Canon 5D Mark III that I purchased back in early 2013.

What lenses do I use?

For my macro work, I use the Canon 100mm 2.8L. For most of my underwater work that is wide and I can get away without having a zoom I use the Canon 15mm 2.8 fisheye. For subject matter that isn't as forgiving I use the 16-55mm zoom.

Where Have i been diving?

So far most of my diving is in Central and South Florida. In Central Florida, I have been to many natural springs. In South Florida, I have been primarily in the West Palm Beach area. Like Blue Heron bridge and the local charter boasts. The Florida Keys is also a great location to dive in as long as the weather is on your side, the visibility is easily affected by storm systems.

What is my Degree?

I began seeking a marine biology degree. but shifted more into photograph in my sophomore year. I found the photography program at Daytona State College (DSC) that was joined with University of Central Florida (UCF). I then transferred to DSC and started their photography program getting an A.S. in Photographic Technology. Next, I transferred to the second part of that program and graduated from UCF with a B.S. in Photography. I do hope to one day continue my education and get my MFA. 

Weekend or day trip dives?

I am based out of Central Florida, so my top choice is the West Palm Beach area. An easy free dive (if you have your own gear) is Blue Heron Bridge, Phil Foster Park. Or ride out with Deep Obsession Charters for a Shark Dive! They are a great crew.

What underwater housing or care do i use?

I use an Ikelite underwater housing for my underwater work. I have a dome port for wide angle work and a flat port for macro work. 

How many dives have I been on?

I recently started adding up my total dives and I am currently over 1000 dives. This includes dives as an aquarist, leading small tours, diving for photography and recreational dives.

What level Diver am I?

This past year I met my goal of making Divemaster through NAUI. I plan to keep going!

Is photography full time?

My day job: I worked in the zoological field for over 7 years, inspiring people to care and conserve their natural environment. I now teach high school photography.

When I was in my early 20's, I volunteered at a local aquarium and turtle hospital. Later on I moved into a paid position at another zoological facility working with sharks, stingrays, and thousands of fish! Towards the end of my zoological career I work with birds.

Today I teach CTE Digital Photography and Creative Photography. It is amazing! I get to sharing what I know, and challenging not only my photography skills but the growing skills of my students.

As for my photography, I get to collaborate and photograph the animals that I have work with and learn so much from not only the people but the animals themselves. I currently freelance for SCUBA Diving Magazine in their SCUBA Lab section. I photograph and video the team as they review dive gear!